To learn the Chinese language fast one should follow analytical principles.

Despite of the trend of a book the main idea is still the same – to teach the students to speak Chinese!

The analysis starts from the text itself. It is broken down into syntagmas with word-for-word translation.

Then syntagmas are divided into words. The words are splitted into characters and, finally, the characters are decomposed into the Chinese radicals and components.

Thus, a student can follow the analytical path in the Chinese language and understand all the constituents of the studying text.

Let us see how analytical principles are implemented in the short example of the Chinese commercial email:







  1. 孙小姐:您好!
  2. 重型卡车
  3. 我们正在联系供应商,
  4. 并等待他们的报价,
  5. 一有消息会马上通知您!
  6. 盼复为谢!罗生



  1. 孙小姐:您好!

  sūn  surname Sun, grandson,

小姐  xiǎojie  Miss,

您好  nínhǎo  hello,


  1. 重型卡车

重型  zhòngxíng  heavy type,

卡车  kǎchē  truck,


  1. 我们正在联系供应商,

我们  wǒmen  we,

正在  zhèngzài  in the process of,

联系  liánxì  connection,

供应商  gōngyìngshāng  supplier,

供应  gōngyìng supply,

  shāng  commerce,


  1. 并等待他们的报价

  bìng  and,

等待  děngdài  wait for,

他们的  tāmende  their,

他们  tāmen  they,

  de  possessive, modifying, or descriptive particle,

报价  bàojià  quoted price,


  1. 一有消息会马上通知您!

  yī  as soon as,

  yǒu  have,

消息  xiāoxi  information,

  huì  be able to,

马上  mǎshàng  at once,

通知  tōngzhī  inform,

 nín you,


  1. 盼复为谢!罗生

盼复  pànfù  expecting reply,

  pàn expect,

  fù  reply to a letter,

  wéi            be,

  xiè  thank,

罗生  luóshēng  Chinese personal name Luosheng,

  luó  surname Luo, collect,

  shēng  life,


  bào  report,

  bìng  and,

  chē  vehicle,

  dài  stay,

  de  possessive, modifying, or descriptive particle,

  děng  wait,

  fù  reply to a letter,

  gōng  supply,

  hǎo  good,

10    huì  be able to,

11    jià  price,

12    jiě  elder sister,

13    kǎ  card,

14    lián  unite,

15    luó  surname, collect,

16    mǎ  horse,

17    men  plural marker for pronouns,

18    nín  you,

19    pàn  expect,

20    shāng  commerce,

21    shàng  go up,

22    shēng  life,

23    sūn  surname Sun, grandson,

24    tā  he,

25    tōng  connect,

26    wéi  be,

27    wǒ  I,

28    xī  breath,

29    xì  system,

30    xiāo  spend,

31    xiǎo  small,

32    xiè  thank,

33    xíng  type,

34    yī  as soon as,

35    yìng  answer,

36    yǒu  have,

37    zài  particle indicating an action in progress,

38    zhèng  straight,

39    zhī  know,

40    zhòng  heavy,


Such analytical approach is perfectly implemented in each of Polina Shinkina’s books.

More examples of the Chinese commercial, marketing and financial emails are available on

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Good luck in the Chinese language teaching and learning!