Being a beginning teacher of the Chinese language more than 30 years ago I used to get prepared for my lessons very responsibly and thouroughly. Normally I decomposed all new Chinese characters of the lesson so that my students might understand and memorize them as soon as possible. Below is the part of my everyday lesson plan summary:

Lesson 5 Text

很高兴收到您的来信,我们可以提供您所需要的产品。请将产品标准,规格和需要数量告知我们,以便我们更准确的为您报价。此致 敬礼! 王永亮

The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance:

高 gāo,high,亠 tóu lid,丶 zhǔ dot,一 yī one,口 kǒu mouth,冂 jiōng down box,一 yī one,冋 jiǒng bright,冂 jiōng down box,口 kǒu mouth,冂 jiōng down box,一 yī one, 亠丶一口冂 一冋冂口冂 一

到 dào arrive,至 zhì arrive,一 yī one,厶 sī private,土 tǔ earth,十 shí ten,一 yī one,丨 gǔn line,一 yī one,刂 dāo knife,至一厶土十一丨一刂

提 tí, mention,扌 shǒu hand,一 yī one,亅 jué hook,是 shì be,曰 yuē say,冂 jiōng down box,二 èr two,疋 shū foot,乛 yǐ second,⺊ bǔ divination,丨 gǔn line,一 yī one,人 rén man, 扌一亅是曰冂二疋乛⺊ 丨一人

需 xū,need,⻗ yǔ rain,一 yī one,冖 mì cover,丨 gǔn line,⺀ èr two,而 ér but,一 yī one,丿 piě slash,冂 jiōng down box,丨 gǔn line,丨 gǔn line, ⻗ 一冖丨⺀ 而一丿冂 丨丨

标 biāo, sign, 木 mù tree,十 shí ten,一 yī one,丨 gǔn line,八 bā eight,示 shì spirit,二 èr two,小 xiǎo small,亅 jué hook,八 bā eight, 木十一丨八示二 小亅八

格 gé,standard,木 mù tree,十 shí ten,一 yī one,丨 gǔn line,八 bā eight,各 gè every,夂 zhǐ go,丿 piě slash,又 yòu again,口 kǒu mouth,冂 jiōng down box,一 yī one, 木十一丨八各 夂丿又口冂 一

Nowadays, quite a number of my students are the Chinese language teachers themselves and use the same Chinese language decomposition methodology as the core principle of their teaching philosophy.

Their students also demonstrate the same high academic scores in terms of the Chinese characters memorization! I am happy that my teaching principles are alive and I could do something what makes sense for people.