The knowledge of the Chinese characters is based on the knowledge of the Chinese 214 radicals. Do not try to learn all the radicals at once. The most commonly used radicals are only about 80 – 90 in number. The rest of the radicals will be learned one by one in the course of the Chinese language learning.

Decomposition is the best, the easiest and the most productive method for he Chinese characters learning.

Decomposition of the Chinese character 商 shāng ‘commerce’

亠 tóu lid

丶 zhǔ dot

一 yī one

丷 bā eight

冏 jiōng bright

冂 jiōng down box

八 bā eight

口 kǒu mouth

冂 jiōng down box

一 yī one

亠丶一丷冏冂八口冂 一

More about Chinese character decomposition please check The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance